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We dare say: the environment loves powder coating!


Powder coating, unlike various alternative preservation methods, is a highly sustainable process for beautifying and protecting metals. But where does this come from? It shows in the fact that no solvents are used within our powder coating process. In addition, excess powder is recycled.


Ulamo goes further, from start to finish of the process. Before powder coating can take place, the metal has to be chemically pre-treated. We have been pre-treating aluminium chromium-free for almost 20 years. "Taking social responsibility" is what we call it. Ulamo Coating specialises in the high-quality chromium-free chemical pre-treatment of aluminium, bright steel, stainless steel and hot-dip galvanised steel using a horizontal Multimetal spray coating. Do you also want to do business in a socially responsible way and contribute to the future? We may be your partner in sustainable project handling.


Besides the entire powder coating process, there is of course the packaging of the materials that requires our attention. Until recently, packaging materials were mostly used that did not go hand in hand with the sustainable process steps we use. But this has now changed by no longer using environmentally harmful foils, plastics and foams. Previously, products were sealed in plastic and wrapped in foam, but this is a thing of the past!

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Currently, we try to package almost all shipments sustainably. These new packaging materials are made of honeycomb cardboard and rubber, bearing the Ulamo logo. These materials are more environmentally friendly, but still have the familiar Ulamo quality. Besides being more sustainable, we are convinced that this new packaging method contributes to minimising failure due to (transport) damage. After all, you can see at a glance what is involved and what exactly is being transported. This allows everyone to handle the products carefully and extra attention is paid to any vulnerable parts.

Your product deserves our care, in the most sustainable way possible! Would you like to know more about our pre-treatment or packaging methods?