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Chrome-free pretreatment

Ulamo Coating specialises in high-quality chromium-free chemical pre-treatment of aluminium, bright steel, stainless steel and hot-dip galvanised steel. This chromium-free pre-treatment is done with a multimetal spray branch treatment. This installation excels in flexibility; it processes large and small products simultaneously, as well as large and small series. Ulamo Coating also has a special department that pre-treats chromium-free using an immersion series.

Chrome-free pre-treatment at its finest

While many powder coaters are still struggling to master chrome-free pre-treatment, we have been doing it since 2002. That experience counts! We have the quality and process controllability completely under our belt. Of course, the switch to chromium-free pre-treatment was not made without a struggle. If you innovate, you have to be prepared to learn from mistakes. The chromium-free pre-treatment we perform for you is guaranteed to be good. Our certificates prove it!

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What is chemical pre-treatment?

For powder coating, optimal pre-treatment is the absolute basis for a quality product. Chemical pre-treatment involves using chemicals to condition the substrate. After this treatment, the product is ready for powder coating. Each substrate receives a different pre-treatment. Chemical pre-treatment is done in three phases:

1. Cleaning and degreasing
2. Pickling
3. Application of the conversion layer
The conversion layer ensures good adhesion of the powder coating and prevents corrosion.

Want to know more about chromium-free pre-treatment?

Want to know more about chromium-free pre-treatment?

Our specialists are ready to answer your questions about chrome-free pre-treatment!