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Ulamo Metal


Our welding and construction department masters many welding techniques and has built up considerable expertise through years of experience. When bending or folding is no longer an option to produce a product in the desired manner, welding often offers the right solution. Besides welding itself, we can also carry out any post-processing of welded products here. In this department, we also weld all our suspension hooks for the powder coating department.

Spot welding

Spot welding is mainly used to combine thin sheet metal without adding additional material. The two materials are brought together briefly, with high force, and melted together with electrodes. This creates a nice, stable joint. Spot welding is possible up to 160KVA. At Ulamo, we mainly use spot welding to make brackets on sheet metal.

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Advantages of spot welding

- Automated proces
- High thoughput
- Simple and reliable way of joining

Welding; also known as arc welding

In our welding and construction department, we weld products manually. Various techniques are used for this, such as MIG/MAG/TIG. This type of welding involves combining materials by adding extra material by force and heat. Usually, the weld seam is filled with material that is also used for the product to be welded. This way, you get a nice composition of products, from the same material. 

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The power of welding joints

Want an extra solid connection? Then choose a welded joint. It is as strong as the surrounding base material.

More information on welding and spot welding?

More information on welding and spot welding?

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