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Ulamo Metal

CNC-bending and -folding

CNC-bending and -folding can both be used to bend sheet metal. We have a large machine park, including all the equipment needed for bending and folding. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control: this means that our machines are computer-controlled and can easily repeat an operation. This makes it possible to produce both small and large series.

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The difference between bending and folding

Bending is done on a press brake. This uses an upper die and a lower die to bend a shape into sheet metal. The thickness of the material that can be bended here depends on the press force of the machine.

When folding, you have greater bending freedom than when bending. This is because in a folding machine the material is secured with a clamp. This allows you to determine the desired bending angle yourself, whereas a bending machine only works with fixed shapes.

The combination is the power

To create complex shapes, a combination of bending and folding can be done. For our press brake, we offer many different press brake blades, allowing us to create the desired finish of the sheet for each. Is the processing not possible with the press brake? Then this can be realised accurately with a folding machine. Thanks to years of experience in folding and an advanced machine, we dare to call ourselves experts in this field. 

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A unique freedom of form

With the bending and folding techniques, in addition to bending corners, it is also possible to create round shapes. With bending, we do this by using different edging knives in the desired shape. In folding, the freedom of shape is even greater because the positioning of the knife can be fully adjusted.

Bending sizes

Our press brake can bend up to 4200 mm and has a pressing force of 170 tonnes.

Folding sizes

Our folding machine can bend sheets up to 3000 mm with a thickness of up to 2 mm.

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An extra smooth finish

With bending and/or folding, you avoid having to weld two different pieces of metal together. This is more durable, but also provides a smooth finish that cannot be achieved with welding. 

Bending and folding at Ulamo

Discover the possibilities of these techniques

Bending and folding at Ulamo

Discover the possibilities of these techniques

Because we control both techniques, we make complex things possible in the most efficient way possible.