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Street furniture

Our sustainable production method combined with high quality makes us a very suitable partner for coating street furniture. From rubbish bins, benches to lighting columns, we offer excellent pre-treatment and preservation for virtually all orders. Uniquely, we can coat lengths of up to 16,000mm, which means our customers have found a total supplier in Ulamo. In our special department, we can apply multiple colours to 1 product: distinctive, durable and attractive in appearance.

Plantenbak Amsterdam Ijdock (1)
Zevenaar Liemers College (20)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Planters at IJDok

In cooperation with Grijsen Park- & Straatdesign

Qatar, Middle East
Light poles at Al Bidda Park

Zevenaar, The Netherlands
Seating areas and planters at Liemers College

In cooperation with Grijsen Park- & Straatdesign