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Ulamo Metal

Punching and laser cutting

With our punching/laser machine, we combine two important forms of metalworking. Very precise cutting or punching of sheet metal parts is a prerequisite for a good product or semi-finished product. We have a fully automatic punching and laser capacity with a large cutting format. The fully automatic loading and unloading system also enables unmanned production.

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Punching and lasering: what does it mean?

Both punching and lasering make it possible to make holes in metal sheets. With punching, you can easily and quickly make simple holes or shapes in metal with very high accuracy. Because punching is a fast operation, it is extremely suitable for large series. Do you need more complex shapes in the sheet material? Then laser cutting is the best option. With laser cutting, it is possible to cut detailed and intricate shapes from different thicknesses.

Punching and lasering: why combine them?

In series, it is a great advantage to have the techniques of punching and lasering combined in one machine. This is because many products contain both complex contours and simple holes. By combining the two, a higher speed can be guaranteed, all fully automatically. From work preparation to the final product, the process is fully automated.

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The ideal combination between speed and freedom of form

With the punching/laser machine, making complex shapes and simple holes is a piece of cake. We can do this with sheets with the following dimensions:

  • 1500 mm - 3000 mm
  • Thicknesses up to 6 mm
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Discover our techniques

With our punching/laser machine, the possibilities are endless. We will be happy to tell you all about it.