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Manual blasting has been a tried and tested and effective mechanical pre-treatment at Ulamo Coating for many years. This is how we remove rust, mill scale, annealing and other coatings. Proper blasting creates clean, rough base material with a so-called good anchor pattern. It is suitable for further surface treatment.

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What is blasting?

During blasting, blasting grit is blown against or along the object in a certain mixing ratio with air and pressure. This is done in an enclosed blasting cabin. Before blasting a product, we protect screw threads, rotating parts, axle journals and other vulnerable parts. When blasting, the harder the material, the easier it is to blast clean. Because rust has a hard structure, blasting is a good way to remove rust.

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Strict environmental requirements

At Ulamo, we blast in special blast rooms. These cabins have a steel floor and the walls are covered with rubber. An extraction system removes the released dust. The blaster is well wrapped up during his work; he wears a blasting suit, boots, gloves and an overpressure helmet with external air supply.

After blasting

Because fly rust can re-establish itself at lightning speed after blasting, we carry out the post-treatment quickly. Our starting point? Still warm from blasting and through!  For outdoor applications, we polish the products after blasting. This creates the perfect bonding layer.

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Maximum blasting dimensions

7,000 x 2,000 x 2,600 mm
Maximum capacity is limited if maximum length, width or depth dimensions are reached.