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Under the brand name Sentimo, we make metal solutions to beautify your home. This started with radiator covers, which make it easy to give an old radiator a new modern look. Sentimo has since successfully launched The Cabinet, the air conditioning enclosure and the Sage side table. All with the option to customise in size and colour.

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Sentimo products

Discover all the innovative and stylish products for in and around the home.

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Radiator covers

With a metal radiator cover, an old radiator can be transformed into a designer radiator in no time. The cover is easily mounted with magnets and provides a modern look.

With three different designs and more than 45 colours, the radiator cover can be put together to suit your interior perfectly. The handy configurator helps with this process and provides the right instructions.

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The Cabinet

The Cabinet is a classic form of radiator cover, but with a modern twist. This multifunctional cover hides the radiator, while also acting as a stylish wall unit. This makes it perfect for displaying beautiful accessories.

This form of radiator cover can also be put together according to your wishes. Here, the customer determines the height, length, depth and colour of the cabinet.

Composing your own product is our motto. That is why all our products are available in several variants, sizes and colours. This way, customers always have a personalised product that suits them.
Alex Evers, sales manager at Sentimo
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Airco cover

Besides covering up your radiator, it is also possible to add a stylish cover to the outside unit of an air conditioner. Air conditioners today can both cool and heat, which makes the purchase of these units very attractive. However, the outdoor unit is often not the most attractive addition to the house. With Sentimo's air conditioning cover, it is easily concealed.

It is available for both hanging and standing air conditioning units and can be put together in different sizes and colours.

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Side table Sage

With the side table Sage, the first official furniture piece has been added to Sentimo's range. For the design of this side table, we collaborated with product designer Marc Th. van der Voorn. The result is a side table with a special mix of asymmetrical and angular shapes. This makes it timeless, unique and suitable for any interior.

Side table Sage is available in 2 sizes and 19 different colours.

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Excited about Sentimo?

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Excited about Sentimo?

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