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Ulamo Coating


Sublimation is a chemical process in which a substance changes from solid to gaseous. This may sound like a complicated explanation, but what we can do with this technique is printing ink into a coating. With sublimation, you can therefore 'print' various prints and images on metal. 

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Sublimation in wood structure

Applying a wood texture by means of sublimation creates a natural wooden look that remains beautiful. Whereas you always have to take weathering into account with natural wood, you no longer have to worry about it with this technique. Your product will have a real wooden look, but without the disadvantages of real wood.

Endless possibilities

With sublimation, the possibilities are endless. Any print or image can be realised on metal. Sublimation on metal gives the highest possible quality, because the colours penetrate very deeply into the coating. This ensures a realistic, colourful, sharp and also scratch-free result.

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Is sublimation the solution for you?

Do you want to give your product a special print, such as a wood look or other image? Then you have come to the right place at Ulamo Coating. We can sublimate in high quality which ensures a product with an extra long lifespan.