Since 1961!

The leading powder coating company

Ulamo Coating has been the leading powder coating for more than half a century. Since our foundation in 1961, we have had only one goal; to deliver a quality product. We achieve this by keeping up to date in our field of knowledge, innovating and not being afraid to learn from mistakes. An example of our ambition to become better? While other powder coating companies have yet to start with chromium-free pre-treatment, we’ve been doing it since 2002.

Our expertise:

  • Chemical pre-treatment
  • Mechanical pre-treatment
  • Powder coating
  • Wet coating for the gas meter industry

Guaranteed deliveries

Would you like to know precisely when you can pick up your powder-coated products or when they will be delivered to you? Our customers are used to this service. Among other things, this helps them to be more successful in their lean production programme.

Experienced and innovative

Ulamo Coating is the market-leading powder coating. What we are particularly proud of? Firstly, our excellent process control, in which our in-house lab is an important factor. Secondly, our long-term relationships! We’ve been working with some of our customers for more than 40 years. Finally, our employees who, like our customers, remain loyal to Ulamo Coating.

Our successful projects

Jan Jansen – supply chain manager

“I appreciate the enormous flexibility that Ulamo shows, the short lead times and honest communication” read more >>

Bart Peters – manager

“We see Ulamo as a specialist in aluminium powder coating which manages its complete process of chromium-free pre-treatment and powder coating.” Read more >>

Frits Meier – owner

“We’re very satisfied with the delivery times that Ulamo can provide, as well as the quality. These two factors go hand in hand, as far as we’re concerned.” Read more >>

Johan Bakker – Head of Business Office

“The chromium-free pre-treatment has been mastered by Ulamo above our expectations, because so far we have no complaints about it.” Read more >>

The own Ulamo laboratory

Because all data is stored digitally, we’re always able to check the parameters afterwards. Our laboratory provides even more measurement data such as gloss and layer thickness, analytical balance, adhesion, hardness and conductivity. The warranty period can be up to 10 years!