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since 1961

The specialist in powder coating and metalworking

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Ulamo Coating

Anyone can coat, so to speak. But chromium-free pre-treatment in the right and environmentally-friendly way is a process we have mastered for over 15 years.

All about Ulamo Coating
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Ulamo Metal

We are specialists in manufacturing products from thin sheet metal for the radiator industry. This sector holds no secret for us.

All about Ulamo Metal
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Working at Ulamo

At Ulamo, we like people who are good at their jobs. We think it is important that you feel at home and have the opportunity to develop yourself.

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Ulamo has been around for more than 60 years

Ulamo has been around for more than 60 years

In over 60 years, Ulamo has developed into a full-service powdercoating company and a leading supplier to the radiator industry. Its consistently high quality, flexibility and no-nonsense approach has allowed Ulamo to grow into a successful company that serves customers across Europe. Read more

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Ulamo metal

Co-creation and co-engineering

Over the years, Ulamo Metaal has distinguished itself by working very closely with clients on product development. We have achieved the best results by working together on innovative semi-finished or finished products at the earliest possible stage. Our R&D department has the right knowledge and resources to be a full-fledged sparring partner for you. Together with you, we achieve the best results, from design to end product.

As Ulamo Metaal, we are a specialist in metalworking. Our large machine park makes it possible to produce products that meet your exact requirements. We are happy to adapt ourselves and our machines and think along with you. This enables us to make your product or semi-finished product complete from start to finish. This means from a large roll of steel to a beautiful layer of powder coating to assembly and packaging.

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Ulamo coating

Experienced and innovative

For more than half a century, Ulamo Coating has been the leading powder coater. Since its establishment in 1961, we have only one goal: to deliver a quality product. We achieve this by staying up-to-date in our area of expertise and by innovating.

At Ulamo Coating, we do more than just powder coating. For other techniques such as wet painting and sublimation you've also come to the right place, and all of this with several international quality marks. Of course, we can also pre-treat the product in the right way before giving it a nice coat. With chrome-free pre-treatment and the Schoop proces, we ensure a product that can withstand rough handling and is resistant to external influences. 

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