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Powder coating

High-quality powder coating starts with excellent pre-treatment. At Ulamo Coating, you can choose between chemical or mechanical pre-treatment. Series or single product powder coating, single-layer or two-layer? We powder coat pretty much all types of metal; aluminium, plain steel, black steel, galvanised steel and stainless steel.

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Qualicoat and/or GSB certification

For outdoor applications, Ulamo Coating only works with coatings that have the Qualicoat and/or GSB quality marks. These high-quality coatings remain beautiful, even in more extreme conditions. Read more about our quality cerfications.

Why powder coating?

- Protects against external influences
- Protects against damage such as scratches in the underlying material
- A durable process to embellish and protect metals
- Gives a product a personal touch by choosing your own colour

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Excellent warranty conditions

The warranty period you get from us can be up to 10 years. We keep the test plates during the entire guarantee period. If a calamity occurs, we will check the original quality for you. You can find more about the testing options here.

Single-layer or two-layer system

Specifications increasingly prescribe a two-layer powder coating system. This has everything to do with growth in industry, traffic and climate change. Do you want a two-layer system? We do it in one process run. This way of working, shortens the lead time with all its advantages.
When should you opt for a two-layer system?

Proven quality

Before the powder coating process starts, our staff carry out a visual check. They also check powder for colour and gloss and adjust spray units to specification. They store batch numbers and powder specifications digitally, as the powder coating process is fully automated. As an additional means of control, we run test plates. Immediately after the powder coating process, we carry out a scratch test. The test panels then go to our laboratory, which checks for gloss, measures layer thickness and performs a salt spray and boiling test, among other things.


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Maximum dimensions when powder-coated

14,000 x 750 x 1,500 mm à also suitable for long lengths
7,500 x 600 x 2,500 mm
7,000 x 2,000 x 3,000 mm à also suitable for constructions
Maximum capacity is limited if maximum length, width or depth dimensions are reached.