Process and product controls

Our meticulous quality control starts as soon as your materials are delivered to us. By taking samples, we inspect the conditions of the product and check the numbers. If we detect deviations, we report them to you directly. We then bring the products indoors to protect them against rain and wind.

Top-quality products are the starting point

Our process control is fully automated and secure. How does it work? Every order is given its own recipe and everything is stored in the central computer system. For example, all information about the pre-treatment, number of layers and colour is more easily accessible to every employee.


The temperature of the heated baths is measured constantly both online and manually. If any deviation occurs, it is visible in the control room immediately. These meticulous controls are essential; we do not deviate from what is prescribed by the chemical supplier.

Powder coating

Just before the products are powder-coated, another visual inspection is performed. The colour and gloss must be correct. Employees then adjust the spray units according to the suppliers’ specifications. Batch numbers and powder specifications are input into the computer and the so-called test plates are suspended. These test plates continue running during the powder coating process. The Ulamo Coating lab tests them extensively after the process.


The furnace temperature is also measured online. If the temperature decreases, an alarm message is shown in the control room. The system is designed such that, when the temperature is lowered, the products stay in the furnace for longer, as long as is necessary. We also keep the furnace curves in our computer system.

Final inspection

With advanced measuring equipment, our people inspect the layer thickness, adhesion and appearance while the products are still suspended on the production lines (traverses). Once the products have left the furnace and cooled down a little, the quality control employee performs the first scratch test on the test plates. More extensive tests are performed in the Ulamo Coating lab.

Cooling and packaging

Once the products have cooled down, we package them according to your instructions. Damage-free transport is, of course, one of the most important conditions that the packaging material must meet.

The in-house Ulamo laboratory

Because all data is stored digitally, we’re always able to check the parameters afterwards. Our laboratory provides even more measurement data. A selection of the test options performed according to the Qualicoat and GSB guidelines includes:

  • Measuring gloss
  • Measuring layer thickness
  • Analytical balance
  • Adhesion test
  • Hardness test
  • Cupping test
  • Impact test
  • Furnace recorder
  • Measuring conductivity
  • Conical mandrel
  • Machu test
  • Salt spray test
  • Boiling test

It’s also good to know that we store the test plates for the whole of the granted warranty period. This can be up to 10 years!
Do you want to know more about our approach? Then please contact us. We’re happy to help.

Top-quality products are the starting point

In everything we do, starting from the arrival of the products, we are focused on quality. Ulamo Coating powder coat for façade builders and manufacturers of street furniture, sun protection, partition walls, air treatment systems is involved as a powder coating company in leading architectural projects.