Powder coating can, in a manner of speaking, be done by anyone. However, chromium-free pre-treatment in the correct environmentally friendly way is a process that we’ve been working on for over 15 years. Why did we get started so energetically with chromium-free pre-treatment? Because we take our social responsibility seriously.

Short lead times

For regular customers, we implement a lead time of 3 days. This is possible because we work with these customers on an advance notice basis. This means we can provide a fast delivery! If products cannot be booked in advance, then we can deliver within 5 days. Compare this lead time with the delivery time of other powder coating companies.

Guaranteed delivery

Delivery times are guaranteed with us. This means that you pick up your products or have them delivered on the date and time you reserved. As an extra service, you can receive an e-mail when the products are ready; the so-called Ulamo Coating ready notification.

What treatments does Ulamo Coating perform?

Powder coating

At Ulamo Coating, you always receive customised coatings. In outdoor applications, we use powders that have the Qualicoat and/or GSB quality mark. We would like to hear from you which environmental factors will play a role. Ulamo Coating advises you so that you can be assured of the ideal quality.
More information about powder coating

Chemical pre-treatment

For powder coating, an optimal pre-treatment is the absolute basis for supplying a quality product. Since 2002, we have offered chromium-free pre-treatment. Our experience counts!
More information about chemical pre-treatment

Mechanical pre-treatment

By blasting in the right way, a clean, rough base material with a good anchor pattern is created. At Ulamo Coating, this has been a proven and effective pre-treatment for many years.
More information about mechanical pre-treatment

Schoop process

The metal becomes more resistant to rust and oxidation after the Schoop process, metallising or zinc spraying. Ulamo Coating advises using the Schoop process if the products have an outdoor application.
More information about the Schoop process

Wet coating

Just like powder coating, wet coating is an operation that beautifies and protects your product. We do wet coating for customers in the gas meter industry.
More information about wet coating

Top-quality products are the starting point

In everything we do, starting from the arrival of the products, we are focused on quality. Ulamo Coating powder coat for façade builders and manufacturers of street furniture, sun protection, partition walls, air treatment systems is involved as a powder coating company in leading architectural projects.