About us

In 1961, grandpa Jan te Pas decided to start his own business at the age of fifty. The start-up costs were paid by this former DRU sprayer and hobby pigeon fancier by selling a few of his prize-winning pigeons. With this money, he built a small hall on the Ettenseweg in Ulft.

The beginnings

Initially, Ulamo Coating supported the Achterhoek stove industry, which experienced its heyday in the 1960s. The former employer, DRU, provided Ulamo Coating with contracts and other Achterhoek companies also became customers. From the start, Jan te Pas (a father of ten children) brought in six of his sons, but for some time he continued to play the key role himself. With his flexible attitude, enthusiasm and inventiveness, he served as an example to others. As a result, he was beloved by customers and employees.


Grandpa Jan te Pas: “There’s always something left if you work hard enough.” For his sons, this sometimes meant waking up at 6 a.m., even on Sundays if necessary. And yet they cherish good memories of this initial period.

Present day

Ulamo Coating is a leading player in its market, partly due to its entrepreneurial spirit, its seeing and taking of opportunities. With a strongly committed team consisting of a healthy and interesting mix of older, experienced employees and younger newcomers, we work hard to improve our business processes. In addition, Ulamo Coating is a committed member of society and makes a positive contribution to it.

Stable family business

In 2014, the third generation of the Te Pas family is active within the family-owned company Ulamo Coating. In addition to vast knowledge and experience, they also safeguard the personal and deeply involved culture of the family business.

Top-quality products are the starting point

In everything we do, starting from the arrival of the products, we are focused on quality. Ulamo Coating powder coat for façade builders and manufacturers of street furniture, sun protection, partition walls, air treatment systems is involved as a powder coating company in leading architectural projects.