Chromium free pre treatment

Ulamo Coating specialises in high-grade chromium-free chemical pre-treatment of aluminium, bare steel, stainless steel and hot-dip galvanised steel. Chromium-free pre-treatment is done with a multimetal spray tank treatment. This installation offers excellent flexibility; large and small products can be processed at the same time, as well as large and small series. Ulamo Coating also has a special department that performs chromium-free pre-treatment with the aid of an immersion series.


Chromium-free pre-treatment

While other powder coating companies have yet to start with chromium-free pre-treatment, we’ve been doing it since 2002. Our experience counts! We’ve completely mastered the quality control and process control. Of course, the switch to chromium-free pre-treatment did not occur without problems. Those who innovate must learn from their mistakes. The chromium-free pre-treatment we perform for you has a guaranteed high quality. This is also evident from our certificates!


What is chemical pre-treatment?

For powder coating, an optimal pre-treatment is the absolute basis for a quality product. In chemical pre-treatment, the substrate is conditioned appropriately using chemicals. After this treatment, the product is ready to have the powder coating applied. Every substrate (aluminium, steel and galvanised steel) receives a different pre-treatment. Chemical pre-treatment is done in three phases:

  1. Cleaning and degreasing
  2. Pickling
  3. Application of the conversion layer
    The conversion layer ensures that the powder coating adheres well and does not fall victim to corrosion.


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Top-quality products are the starting point

In everything we do, starting from the arrival of the products, we are focused on quality. Ulamo Coating powder coat for façade builders and manufacturers of street furniture, sun protection, partition walls, air treatment systems is involved as a powder coating company in leading architectural projects.